Thursday, April 2, 2009

Help Cure Lung Desease like Cancer

Hello everyone. I would like to say farewell to my friend Ms. Gretchen Courtright who had moved on. Me, Tammey and Taco will meet you up there someday and have the best coffee heaven can offer :).

As for now, I would like to add the American Lung Association to our list of possible organization to donate to. I believe a lot of people will be helped by them.

This is what they do

The American Lung Association supports basic and clinical research through training and “seed” grants for researchers who are at the early stage of their careers. Throughout its history, the American Lung Association has funded talented scientists who have furthered their careers in academia and lung research and have made significant contributions to the fight against lung disease.

As part of its commitment to research, the American Lung Association created the Asthma Clinical Research Centers Network (ACRC), which seeks to conduct large clinical trials that will have a direct impact on patient care and asthma treatment.

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