Sunday, April 12, 2009

Took a break

Hello all, just want to let everyone know that I just took a little break. Work and life have been keeping me from updating this blog.

Today is such a nice and sunny day here in Columbus Ohio though it is kind of chili with the wind blowing a little bit, hope you guys and gals go out and get some fresh air if you can.

Catching up on some news and I am glad that our Military was able to save the captain Richard Phillips from those pirates.

As for those pirates who thinks you can get away with anything, guess what, you will just end up fish food.

Anyways, enough of my humble opinion.

Well, we are still at $5 and long way to get to a million.

Lets see if we can make $5 more by the end of next week :).


ABNPOPPA said...


You can't take a break. You're a government employee! Hope everything is going ok.


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